The All-New Jill Schardt Photography Brand & Website!

Jill Schardt Photography was born in 2012 as a logo pulled from an Etsy shop for $50 and a website done by “yours truly.”

Jill Schardt Photography was re-born in 2019 with a meticulously executed branding and website design along with a thoughtfully planned business model.  All of this stems from a podcast I listened to back in December 2018, “Photo Field Notes with Allie Siarto.”

Allie was interviewing Britt & Kelsey, owners of “Launch Your Daydream” about a photographers brand and website and how important it is to have a brand that speaks to your ideal customer.  I reached out to them and one conversation knew this was my team.  Then I decided to change everything   Overwhelmed was a complete understatement.  With the launching of my beach portrait business, I knew it was the time to really take a hard look at my business and then what that needed to look like on the outside.

Britt and Kelsey then introduced me to Kara Evans, of Kara Evans Photography, to help me as a business mentor.

If there is one thing I realized from this, it is that I need help, I needed help with all of these things that I am not an expert in…..graphic and website design, branding and marketing, and the business of photography.  I knew how to treat clients well and take beautiful pictures.

Once I decided to go down this road I knew it was going to be a lot of work!!!  I knew I wouldn’t be able to dedicate the attention the this project needed if I was shooting and editing my normal schedule.  So I took another leap, I stopped taking sessions for 2 months….ahhhh.  It was scary but I really had time to reflect on my business and what I wanted it to be and how to execute it correctly.   I am also so pumped to start shooting again full time!!!!  I really have missed it!

Now the week of my re-brand and website launch I am feeling like the 13 week marathon is coming to an end and I have never felt more excited about my business.  I have to reach out and give virtual hugs to Britt and Kelsey from Launch Your Daydream and Kara Evans Photography for all of their help and making this so seamless and easy….also talking me down off a couple of ledges along the way, hahaha!


If you are looking for an amazing team that has a niche working with photographers these are your gals.

Forever grateful – Jill